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Water Proof, Scratch Proof, Dirt Proof Phone…Sent from Heaven :-)

17 August 2011

So if your like me you are always worried that your toddler will drop your new smartphone into the tiolet, or better yet in some mud. Well no more worries, Samsung has a new phone in its Galaxy line, Galaxy Xcover. It’s one of the world’s few rugged Android touchscreen smartphones. It is water proof and get this mud and dust proof. Excellent for us moms of young children as our phones need to endure all types of conditions! This bad boy can be totally immersed in water for a half hour and guarantees it will still work! The LCD touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass, four to five times tougher than regular glass. This is a bad bad phone! (bad in a good way of course)

The rugged Samsung Galaxy Xcover will be available in Germany starting from October and in the UK “later on this year.” The US will see it for $437 next year!

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